There was a walk, a roundance, and powwow dancing for Red Dress Day in Fort Saskatchewan at Legacy Park on Friday (May 5).

The event was hosted by the Indigenous Society of Fort Saskatchewan, a group that formed out of a desire to help people through difficult times.

Red Dress Day is an annual event in memory of the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people across Canada.

"We need to bring awareness to such a marginalized group of people that don't get recognized. There's so many murdered, there's so many missing, none of them have been looked for," said Colleen Dollfusz, one of the group's founders. "It's really important to bring awareness to the community by doing events like this."

Before the event, volunteers handed out pieces of moose hide, which symbolizes a movement of men and boys who stand up against violence towards women and children. Wearing the moose hide signifies those committed to protecting the people in their lives.

The event began with a grass dance before drummers lead a walk from Legacy Park to 99 Avenue all the way down to 95 Street and back again.

After the walk, there was hot dogs and hamburgers for the attendees. Before serving the food, Elder Richard blessed it.

"Think about those people that you've known in your life that are missing and bring them into that space in your heart and your mind. Invite them into the middle of the circle with us," said Elder Richard. 

After the food, dancers from the society's powwow class performed in the circle as hundreds of attendees joined along.

"Everybody that showed up is really awesome because I didn't expect even this big of a turnout," added Dollfusz. 

The Indigenous Society of Fort Saskatchewan has more events planned for June, which is Indigenous Peoples Month.