Water cooler talk for weeks was the difference between the Fort's gas prices when compared to the cost in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. 

Prices for regular fuel varied from a few cents more to, at times, 20 to 25 cents more per litre. 

According to Gasbuddy.com on Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 4), Fort Saskatchewan's prices are generally less than many gas stations in the surrounding area, including some Costco locations in Edmonton.

Here are the best prices around the region: 

Fort Saskatchewan

Shell - $1.16 per litre
Petro-Canada - $1.18 per litre
CO-OP and 7-Eleven - $1.19 per litre

Sherwood Park

Costco - $1.16 per litre
Domo - $1.18 per litre
Husky - $1.24 per litre

Average: $1.27 per litre


Your Spot and Kikit - $1.16 per litre
Shell - $1.18 per litre
Centex - $1.24 per litre

Average: $1.28 per litre

Costco requires a membership to use their pumps, while Domo and Your Spot only take cash.