Brynlee Butler is a 10-year-old from Fort Saskatchewan who has been making a difference for rescue dogs who are waiting for a home.

Every year Brynlee takes part in a stuffy drive where she asks residents to donate stuffed animals so that she can give them to CAWS animal rescue.

"It kind of started with me and my dog, who passed away a couple of years ago," said Brynlee. "I have stuffed animals of his, and I was thinking of doing a stuffy drive when we still had him, and [my dog] liked the idea too."

This year Brynlee gathered almost 250 stuffed animals to donate to dogs who need them. Her goal was 303 because 3 is her favourite number.

This was Brynlee's first return to the stuffy drive since the COVID pandemic.

"I really want to do it again next year. My mom said I'll be able to give a stuffed animal to the dogs. I'll skip a day of school for that if my mom will let me," laughed Brynlee.

Brynlee has received a ton of support from the community for her efforts and from her mother, Karen.

"It’s really fantastic because most of the dogs receive one, become attached to it, and then take it with them to their foster home and then permanent home," said Karen. "Having something that comforts them in their journey truly is amazing."