It's well known that HBO's series The Last of Us was filmed in Alberta, but did you know a Fort Saskatchewan artist helped with the effects?

Travis Shewchuk with Ravenous EFX has been making professional props for TV shows and movies for years in the community. 

His work can be seen in shows such as Fargo, Stargate, Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Disney's Togo. The latter two were also filmed in Alberta.

One of his recent projects was doing work for the first season of The Last of Us.

"It's so cool that Alberta's getting so much attention out of it," Shewchuk said. "It's one of those things that the province definitely needs."

Unfortunately, since the project Travis worked on hasn't been shown yet, he can't say what it is.

"We were lucky enough to work on a few key pieces that will be featured on some of the lead characters, and we got to translate some stuff that was in the video game itself."

Shewchuk added that it's been interesting working on a show that already had a huge reputation through the 2013 video game. 

"It comes with a hardcore fanbase, it's from a beloved property, so you really want to get as close to the essence of what that thing was in the video game."

Shewchuk, who is a big fan of the video game himself, said it's amazing to see millions of people watching something he took part in.

"We really took some care, and hopefully people enjoy what we made for it."