The community is stepping up to help the Fort Saskatchewan condo evacuees.
Over 50 residents of 9930 100th Ave in Fort Saskatchewan were evacuated on Aug.2 after their building was deemed structurally unsafe. The incident is still being investigated and there is no timeline as to when people can resume living in their condos.
Some residents — like Meagan Leroux — were put in hotels for a few nights and given grocery vouchers, but had to fend for themselves afterwards.
With many people still struggling after the evacuation, the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank is stepping up to offer their help. The charity usually deals with victims of floods or fires, but figured they could also offer their services to the evacuees.
"We never thought we'd be helping somebody because their building was falling apart. But we feel that it falls into our mandate and we want to be there for them," explained furniture bank president, Kathy Stevenson.
They've already made an effort to reach out to some of the residents and are encouraging others to get in contact with the organization if they need assistance.
Since they are expecting an increased need for their services, the furniture bank is asking for donations of comforters and blankets, mattress covers, pillows, towels, bath mats, cooking utensils, dishes, pots and pans, measuring cups and spoons, dish cloths and toasters.
"Obviously we can't take in enough for 40 units but we're hoping to get coordinated and as some stuff moves out, we'll be asking people to replace it for the next group of people," added Stevenson, explaining they have limited storage space.
At MIX 107's Taste of Summer Charity BBQ on Wednesday (Aug.14), the furniture bank received $100 for the evacuees as well as donations of appliances and household goods. The rest of the money went to the organization's operational costs.
Another update about the condo complex situation is expected on Friday (Aug.16).