The Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank has been up to a lot these last two years.

The Furniture Bank started in 2016 when Kathy Stevenson began running the service out of her house. She would collect used furniture and provide it for those in need. Over the last six years, the organization has grown to a group of volunteers and a location behind Canuck Plumbing on 103 Street.

Board director Barb Larson became friends with Stevenson before joining the organization. Her love for helping the community, especially the disadvantaged, drew her to volunteer.

"It's just so rewarding to be able to help somebody and give them a hand up," Larson said.

Some of their humanitarian work has included building beds for children in need and providing furniture for condo evacuees in 2019.

After Stevenson stepped down from her leadership role, a board of directors took her place. Larson was quick to join the board. Since taking on a director role, Larson has been hands-on with the organization, accommodating mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic and, as of recently, providing furniture for Ukrainian refugees.

"We were contacted by a daughter of a mother who had relocated here and was getting ready to move into an apartment. We were able to go into a donors home with our client. She picked out what she needed, and we helped her get settled," Larson said about a refugee they had helped.

"Plus, we've been contacted by a few host families, and once their Ukrainian guests are ready to get out on their own, we'll be there to help them, too."

Another passionate member of the Furniture Bank is Ryan Pedde, who also serves as the pastor of Bridge Church. Pedde spoke about the importance that their organization has for the community.

"The Furniture Bank is a small team of passionate volunteers that kind of goes under the radar in Fort Saskatchewan but actually has a huge impact and helps a lot of families in need. We're always looking for new volunteers, people with trucks, and people who can donate furniture to come give a helping hand." Pedde said.

For those looking to volunteer or donate, you can visit the Furniture Bank's website here.