The Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank received quite a generous donation, 35 handmade blankets.

The blankets were donated from the St. George's TLC Group and made with Fortrel fabric, which makes them durable and warm. The group donated the blankets knowing that the food bank would provide them to those in need.

Kassandra Gartner, executive director of the food bank, met with the group in their crafting space to receive the blankets.

The food bank will be donating these blankets to those who are having trouble finding a permanent residence.

"Living rough generally means that someone is unhoused and camping or sleeping outside, but we have clients who are coping by couch surfing and living a transient life while still having access to a physical address," said Gartner. "Short-term room rentals, motels, living in an RV, and staying with friends are a reality for many people who don’t have stable housing." 

"It’s called hidden homelessness."

The TLC group includes 12 crafters from St. George's Anglican Church Hall in Fort Saskatchewan. The group has an annual craft sale where all proceeds go back into the community.

"“We are so grateful for the TLC ladies," said Gartner "They generate funds with their sewing expertise, and they support many wonderful organizations who, like the food bank, rely upon donations to operate."

The TLC group accepts donations of supplies such as fabric, thread, yarn, and fibrefill, sharing the unused donations with other crafter groups.