The Fort Saskatchewan Fish and Game Association is making a generous donation.

They were the April winners for Half Grand Helping Hand from MIX 107 and South Fort Chevrolet — the group was given a cheque for $500.

"I'm pretty well struggling here, trying to raise money for a club to keep us going for projects such as the Legacy Park Family Fun Days, where we're going to be building 200 birdhouses for the kids," said the association's past president, Gord Blize.

However, they decided to pass some of their winnings forward. Blize said they are going to give half of the money to Lucas Pierce and his family, the previous Half Grand Helping Hand winners.

Pierce is a three-year-old boy who has an unknown type of cancer. He and his family are currently in Florida getting treatment.

"Although whole conservation is very important to this country, we'd like to just split our good fortune," explained Blize.

As for the other $250, the association plans to put the money toward event projects and nature trips, particularly leasing a cabin in Elk Island National Park.

You can nominate a group, organization, or sports team to win a Half Grand Helping Hand here. A winner will be drawn on the last Thursday of every month at 8:20 a.m. on MIX 107.