It was a pretty good Christmas weekend in the Fort. 

During a time when house fires are at one of their higher risks, the Fort Saskatchewan fire department didn't have to respond to many major calls. 

"Over the Christmas period, between 7 a.m. on December 23 to 7 a.m. on December 27, the Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department responded to nine calls for service," said Jeffrey Fox with the department. "These calls ranged from medical assistance calls to alarm calls." 

There were two calls that did come in regarding structure fires over that time period. 

"Once on scene, crews confirmed these were not actual structure fires and were able to quickly mitigate any further problems." 

Though the Christmas weekend was a success, the department is still urging people to careful as they celebrate the New Year. 

Emphasis is being put on smoke detectors being operational. 

"Smoke detectors play a significant role in not only alerting the residents of the property, but it also provides crucial notification to the responding fire department," said Fox. "Please continue to take care of your alerting systems so that it can keep you, your family and your property safe."