The Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department (FSFD) has issued a statement regarding last Sunday’s (Sept. 4) downtown apartment fire. 

It details that the department responded to a call at 9:42 on Sunday night (Sept. 4) after smoke and alarm bells were ringing at 10310 100 Avenue. Crews arrived at the scene approximately five minutes later to find that all the residents had safely evacuated the building. 

Upon searching the building, it was determined that the source of the fire had come from a basement boiler room. 

The department was quick to thank the residents for their help in containing the blaze. 

“The fire department thanks the residents who started evacuating other members in the building and used a fire extinguisher on the fire. It was this quick thinking that helped the fire from further spreading.” 

The root cause of the fire is currently being investigated and no further details can be provided.