It has been a difficult year for three-year-old Lucas Pierce.

Lucas was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer last May. For a few months, he underwent surgeries and treatments like chemo in an attempt to fight it off.

Over the summer, two days after his third birthday, the doctors informed the family the previous diagnosis was incorrect, and they didn't know what kind of cancer he has.

"They will never know what cancer he does have, so they're just going to treat him for the worst cancer that they think he has," explained his mother, Amanda James. "It's very rare that kids get undiagnosed, but it's not impossible. They just want to do their best, and so he's getting really hard treatment now."

Lucas has had many complications during this time, spending at least a week in the hospital every month. He's had periods where he is too sick to eat and also had COVID-19, which he is currently recovering from. On top of his illness, Lucas lost his grandfather in December.

The Pierce family was told about a radiation treatment in Florida, and they're leaving on Mar.7. The treatment is believed to be the last chance to get rid of all the cancer Lucas has left in his body.

"They're trying to take their family of six because they're going to be down there for six or seven weeks, if not eight, and they don't want to be separated from the family. That becomes quite costly when you consider the cost of living," said Michelle George, a close family friend and pseudo-aunt to Lucas.

Lucas's illness has already been a financial strain on the family, and coming up with the money to go to Florida has been difficult.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to try and collect donations to help cover costs. Their goal is $15,000. You can find the page here.