Meet Jude White, Fort Saskatchewan's Disney expert.

Jude is a Grade 5 student at Southpointe School with an autism spectrum disorder. His trivia knowledge of Disney and cinema has his classmates and teachers amazed.

His mother, Tanya, said that he can recite the actors, dates, and even production companies with every Disney film.

"He's gone through different phases of how involved he is, but Pixar and Walt Disney Animations were some of the first words he ever spelled," said Tanya. "He started writing these out before he even talked."

Jude's love for all things Disney became a reality when he got to visit Disneyland earlier this year.

"He was so excited, he did really well on the plane," said Tanya. "He went on the Monsters Inc. ride, but he wasn't a big fan of that one. Mickey and Minny's Runaway Railway was his absolute favourite."

A highlight was meeting Goofy, a character he adores. 

"He loved it. Walking around seeing Disney characters, hugging Mickey and Minny, he loved seeing them in real life."

Jude has a dream to one day work at Disney. One of his ideas is a Disney film starring André & Wally B., two of the earliest characters in Pixar animation.

He imagines Michael J. Fox playing André, and Wally B. playing himself.

Bringing Disney into the Classroom

Due to his love for all things Disney, his teacher Carole Bossert has incorporated various themes into their classroom activities.

"He actually wrote a story called 'Jude is Going to Disneyland'. He created a story which is now hanging in his bedroom. Since he's got back, he's working on chapter two. It's incredible what he remembers," said Bossert. 

There's even a corner of the classroom that displays Jude's homemade credit reels, and movie posters, all with accurate dates and actors.

Jude's positivity hasn't just rubbed off on his teachers, but on his classmates as well. 

"He is a really good drawer, and he makes really beautiful art to brighten up the classroom," said Samantha, one of Jude's classmates.

Jude hopes to one day own a greenscreen for his own movies.