A St. André Bessette student impressed the nation on Canada's Got Talent.

Dayton Paradis is a 16-year-old dancer from Fort Saskatchewan. He said when he was a kid growing up in Saskatoon, he tried a bunch of different sports like soccer and karate, but none of them really fit him. 

"Then my parents finally put me in a dance class in Saskatoon. I took one hour of hip hop a week, and I fell in love with it."

Saskatoon is where Paradis met Vince Akinyode, who helped train him. For a while, he would commute to Edmonton every two weeks to train with him before his parents moved to Alberta.

Akinyode also introduced him to Ethan and Ayden Valdriz. The three of them formed a group called the Itty Bitty Crew.

"We all want the same things. We all work just as hard as each other. And we all love dance just as much as one another. So going into stuff like Canada's Got Talent and even just a typical rehearsal or a competition, we all know what we want is the end result, and we all put an equal effort towards that."

They sent in a video to Canada's Got Talent during COVID-19, making up a routine to try and earn their spot to audition. Once they got the initial interest, the group had to send in a few more videoes before getting called down to Niagara Falls for the show.

Paradis said it was nerve-wracking dancing in front of the judges. The trio had performed in front of large audiences before, so they were used to that aspect, but being judged by celebrities was something very new.

After their audition, the group got a standing ovation and four yeses from the judges. They will advance to the Judges Round, where 36 acts will be picked to move to the semi-finals.

Regardless of what happens in the competition, Paradis' end goal is to become a professional dancer and continue doing what he loves.