A Fort Saskatchewan father held a watch party to see his daughter's appearance in the new cartoon from the Property Brothers.

Harlan Kingfisher's 12-year-old daughter Meadow stars as Mel in Builder Brother's Dream Factory, with the first episode airing last Sunday (Mar. 26).

"We had some of Meadow's best friends come over," said Harlan. "It's been over a year and a half wait for this cartoon to come out."

"We had food prepped, and my mother-in-law and Meadow's little cousin came over."

Harlan said that since Meadow knew the show, she was reciting her lines as the show played.

"At that moment, it was such a cool experience to have Meadow there watching, being super happy and proud of herself."

They also plan to set up watch parties every Sunday, inviting over their families and friends.

"I'm so excited to watch it. It's going to be amazing."

The show plays on Treehouse while also streaming on StackTV.

Meadow also has a role in the upcoming film The Beehive.