The Fort Saskatchewan Community Band have played their way into January's Half Grand Helping Hand. 

The band, which includes players of all skill levels, took home the $500 prize for this month. 

Cathy Williamson, who serves as the treasurer of the band, was on hand to accept the prize at South Fort Chev on Thursday morning (Jan. 12). 

"We're putting that money toward our percussion department," said Williamson. "We've got some equipment that needs to be repaired and we're hoping to acquire some new instrumentation to fill out the band." 

The band was first formed in 1984 and has an eclectic group of members that range from teenagers to those well into their 80s. 

"It's fantastic because the younger members come in with all this enthusiasm and the more mature members can give them the experience," said Williamson. "They can learn from us, and we learn from them and it's just a really nice experience." 

The band is prepping for another busy year. The big event that they are looking forward to is the Big Band Bash in June. 

"We perform a couple of times during that, but the show runs from Friday to Sunday," said Williamson. "We host bands from all over Alberta." 

Those looking to join the band can visit their website or email them at 

The only requirement for people interested is passion. 

"We're a little thin on clarinets and brass is always great to have but we'll take all members just by enthusiasm," said Williamson. "We don't audition people to come in, if they want to come in and play, they can do so."