This holiday season will be extra special for some Canadian Armed Forces members.
Fort Saskatchewan resident Renee Billiald bought a bunch of cards during Boxing Day sales last year, with the idea of sending some overseas to the soldiers who are unable to be with their families over the holidays.
"I know it can be really tough to be away from your family over the holidays and it's nice to know that what your doing is important to people in Canada," said Billiald, noting her friend's husband is a soldier who was unable to be with his family last year. "The little things that he got from his community back home made a really big difference."
Two days before leaving for vacation this year, Billiald realized she still hadn't touched the cards. Unsure of how she would be able to fill them all out, she turned to social media for help.
Billiald received tons of response, from people sending in cards, making their own cards, or picking up her cards to fill out. Within two days, she received and sent 284 well-wishes to the armed forces.
"I find with social media, sometimes there can be so much negativity, so it was really nice to see all the positivity come from a post like that. It was pretty great," said Billiald.
The Fort Saskatchewan Beavers sent around 20 cards, drawing pictures and attempting to write 'soldier,' which, as a mother to a two-year-old, Billiald thought was very sweet.
She encourages anyone who didn't hear about the cards to send their own before Dec.11, so the soldiers will received them by Christmas.
"It's a nice, simple way to give back," she added. "I hope Fort Saskatchewan can send lots."