Fort Saskatchewan residents should expect a slight tweak to how they receive their property tax assessments. 

Last Wednesday (Dec. 21) the city sent out a notice that outlines a few changes to the property tax assessment and notification schedule. 

"It will be mid-February that property owners will receive the assessment notice for their property," said Trish Norman, revenue service coordinator with the city. "In the middle of May, they will receive the actual property tax notice." 

This is a change from the combined notices the city sent out in previous years. 

Norman indicates the change should help residents be more prepared. 

"Separating the property assessment notice from the property tax notice gives property owners the opportunity to review what their actual assessment is separate from their property taxes," said Norman. "If [residents] have any concerns over the assessment of their property then they can reach out to the city, and we would put them in contact with the property assessor." 

"It was a move the city made to align ourselves with what other municipalities in the province are doing." 

The earlier assessment notices will also help to streamline the city's budgeting process. 

"When we know the completed assessment earlier in the year, it assists with the budgeting process," said Norman. "We have a more accurate picture of what our assessment base is earlier in the year." 

Property taxes are due on June 30, 2023.