The Fort Saskatchewan Skyline will soon be added with 20 storey buildings. File Photo

High-rises will soon be a reality in Fort Saskatchewan.

During Tuesday's City Council meeting, Council voted 4-3 in favour of an amendment to the current land use bylaws for high-rises.
Currently the city allows for 12 storey buildings but with the new amended bylaw, it would allow for 20 storey buildings to be built.

The city had input from citizens through an online survey as well as information displays at several locations around Fort Saskatchewan  including City Hall and Harbour Pool. A total of 790 citizens took part in the survey and expressed concerns about congestion, fire safety, the sky line, infrastructure as well as losing a "small town feel".  

The support for the increase comes with safety assurances from Fire Chief James Clark.  20 Storey buildings are more cost effective for builders and more economical for population growth.