After almost two decades of working together, Kelley and Reilley McKinlay, originally from Fort Saskatchewan, announced their dual retirement.

Kelley and Reilley both had a passion for dance at a young age, first performing at the age of three. They met each other at the Alberta Dance Company; after performing in The Nutcracker together, the young dancers fell in love.

"We started doing the usual - sharing music, sitting next to each other on the bus, trips to Edmonton, and it kind of evolved from there," Kelley said.

After getting married, the couple had two children who share the same love for dance. 

"Given all of the options that young children are given, [our daughter] always chooses ballet. So I think we're in trouble," Reilley laughed before Kelley added, "Every day [she] comes home, and the tutu comes on."

Their last show together was on Apr. 2, where they performed "PHI", a show that featured the music of David Bowie.

"I think the biggest thing we're both going to miss is working with each other every day, all day." Kelley said about their retirement,  "I mean, we've been doing that for the past 14 years."

After twenty years of creating magic on stage, the McKinlay's have announced their retirement at the peak of their careers, leaving their several decades-long legacies engrained in the culture of Alberta ballet.