A Fort Saskatchewan woman has brought a story of loss, betrayal and survival to life.
Dianne Palovcik has lived in the city since 2014 and in the surrounding area since 1982. Her very first book, a piece of historical fiction titled In Trouble, was published in January of 2020 after six years of working with the local writers' group.
"It's set in 1961 and the young woman in the story's name is Sarah Gardener. She's hidden by her parents in an unwed mothers' home in Halifax. She has a phony name, no past, expected to give her baby up for adoption, return home and forget that anything happened," said Palovcik. "But Sarah has a different plan; she wants to keep her baby. So, that sets up the conflict which drives the story forward."
Being an adoptee herself, Palovcik felt she wanted to explore the history of maternity homes that originated after World War II and how unmarried mothers were treated as undesirable. These homes were used to "rehabilitate" women by forcing them to give up their children, in turn making them "marriageable" again.
In doing her research, Palovcik found a statistic that noted 400,000 to 500,000 forced adoptions occurred between 1946 and the early 1970s. She hopes her book will now serve as both educational and entertaining to a multitude of generations.
"It gives people an opportunity to find out what happened in those years and to discuss it now, so many decades later," she explained. 
The book retails at $17 and can be ordered from Palovcik directly via email at diannep.author@gmail.com or through her Facebook page. It can also be purchased on Amazon and for eBooks. 
Palovcik is now working on a second novel, which should be released around this time next year. 
The cover of Palovcik's first book. Photo supplied.