A Fort Saskatchewan actress got to see herself in theatres.
Kennedy Chester is a 21-year-old who has been acting for about four years. She first got interested when she took drama in school and then fell in love with the craft, eventually going on to do film work.
The first film she starred in was Sure Shot Dombrowski: The Early Years 2, which was filmed in local communities. She went on to film another movie in the series and then got her role as Annie Needham in Spearfishing.
The movie is about a small-town cop who has to stop a group of Russian cyber-terrorists trying to disrupt the Canadian election. Chester's role was the lead female, playing a rookie cop.
"Basically, we just got to do cop stuff. It was so much fun filming," she said. "We had a peace officer from Mayerthorpe come out to guide us through the proper ways to be a cop."
A fun aspect of the character for Chester was the age difference in the characters. Annie is much younger and more knowledgeable about technology, which the actors got to have fun with in a few of their scenes.
There was also a lot of action in the film. Chester explained the legwork was sometimes taxing, especially in the full police gear, joking she may have lost a few pounds filming.
"It was just a really good experience, and then seeing it afterwards, I think it's always the best part of filming the movie, seeing it afterwards."
Cinema City Movies 12 in Edmonton showed the film from July 30-Aug.5.
"Seeing it up on the big screen was an experience like no other. We've often had our premieres in movie theatres locally, but seeing it at a well-known cinema location was just fantastic."
She will also be in a feature film called Tales from the Dead Zone, starring Corey Feldman, Gabriel Jarret and Bret Hart, which has yet to be released.