A local actor is featured in a new cartoon series from the Property Brothers.

Meadow Kingfisher is a 12-year-old girl from Fort Saskatchewan who plays Mel in Builder Brothers Dream Factory, a preschool cartoon created by Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Kingfisher started off her entertainment career in dance before transitioning into acting.

"I just got into acting two years ago," Kingfisher said. "All the dance competitions got cancelled, then my mom saw something on Instagram looking for Indigenous creators."

Kingfisher is Indigenous and a member of Sturgeon Lake First Nation. She said it didn't take long before she was getting roles in film and television.

"Ever since then I've got an agent, and I just recently booked with a Los Angeles agent."

When Mel got her role in Builder Brothers Dream Factory, she was sent recording equipment in the mail.

"We started off recording in our closet," said Kingfisher. "But then we started going to a place called Wolf Willow Studios because our closet wasn't really that good."

Mel, like Meadow, is also Indigenous. Meadow said that helped her relate to the character.

"She's really creative, she's fun. She likes to skateboard. She loves her friends and her culture," said Kingfisher. "I know a lot of Indigenous girls are going to look up to Mel."

The show premieres on March 26 on Treehouse -- it will also be streaming on StackTV.

As for what's next for Meadow, she has a lead role in the upcoming film, The Beehive.