Owners of loud vehicles might want to start finding ways to quiet down in Fort Saskatchewan. 

At Tuesday's (Dec. 13) city council meeting a number of amendments to Fort Saskatchewan's traffic bylaw were approved and immediately went into effect. 

Among those changes was a cap on vehicle noise. 

This change added a bylaw that allows law enforcement to administer decibel readings of an idle vehicle and a vehicle traveling faster than idle. The limit for an idle vehicle has been set at 92 dBA while a moving vehicle must be at 96 dBA or below. 

Noise louder than those limits has now been characterized as a 'disturbing noise' and those who go above those limits are subject to a $250 fine. If a person refuses to comply with a sound level meter test from law enforcement, they will be fined $500. 

This will not apply to people operating emergency vehicles. 

Other changes to the overall bylaw included the addition of an abandoned vehicle section. 

From now on, vehicles are no longer permitted to park on or near a highway for more than 72 hours.