Some Fort Saskatchewan residents will need to purchase their bus passes elsewhere. 

Shoppers Drug Mart has recently stopped selling Fort Sask Transit (FST) tickets and passes.

This comes amidst the City of Fort Saskatchewan's transition into Arc payments for bus fares. Arc is a pay-as-you-go system that uses a refillable card rather than transit passes. 

One feature of Arc is its fare cap, which allows you free rides once the cap is met. For example, if you use an Arc card on FST and you pay more than $52.50 that month, every trip you take until the month ends will be free. This prevents you from paying more than a monthly pass if you ride daily.

However, Arc is not available on FST terminals yet. That change is expected to arrive in the summer. Until then, local FST routes still accept paper passes, tickets, and cash.

Although Shoppers is no longer selling passes, you can purchase them at City Hall, the Dow Centennial Centre, Co-op, and Safeway.

FST tickets and passes are not available online.