Not everyone is thrilled with the announcement that a 20-acre, $270 million shopping center will be built just north of Highway 21. 

Reactions from residents voice many concerns, with most being unhappy about the location. 

"With all of the empty spots in town for lease why would you not want to fill those first before building another giant monstrosity that is going to probably sit half empty," said Miranda Garritsen 

Others think that downtown should be getting more support. 

"What happened to 'Revitalizing Downtown'? Why can’t we get developers to tear down and start fresh in the old downtown? When we continue to build big, shiny & new, why would people want to go downtown," wrote Jackie Connell on Facebook. 

There is also some concern about how the new complex will attract new businesses to the community. 

"There is already SO much empty commercial space up for lease in Fort Saskatchewan. Full strip malls empty (behind A&W) and a strip mall on the highway which is sitting more than 60% empty," wrote Tamara Whitton. 

The site on which the complex is supposed to be built is currently home to some greenspace that some residents don't want to see destroyed. 

"This will ruin the nice path that connects to all of the other paths. The paths and green spaces in Fort Sask are a big reason why a lot of people love this city," said Morgan Audrey Taylor in a comment on Facebook. 

There are a few residents who have voiced some support for the complex, but the negative reactions on social media posts seem to be more prominent. 

The complex is expected to start construction in April and won't be done for another four or five years.