Even though Tuesday (Nov. 29) night's earthquakes happened more than 100 kilometres away from Fort Saskatchewan, plenty of people still felt its effects. 

The focal point of the tremors came 26 kilometres away from Peace River in the northern part of the province. Shockwaves travelled as far away as Edmonton. 

Rigel Carias, a local resident, was sewing when she noticed shaking in her house. 

"When I'm running the machine, it makes the table vibrate, so that vibration is not weird for me," said Carias. "At that moment, I was sewing something, and I stopped, and I was taking a drink of water, but my elbow was resting on the table, and I felt like my table started to shake." 

"The water was vibrating, and the table was shaking and making news. I was like, 'am I hallucinating?"

Carias' parents were with her when the house shook, but they weren't as freaked out as she was. 

"They came from El Salvador where earthquakes are completely normal, so for them, it wasn't a big deal." 

Early measurements of one of the earthquakes have been clocking in at a six on the Richter Scale, the largest ever in Alberta's history.