Poverty Awareness Fort Saskatchewan (PAFS) is helping people in the community keep warm. 

Their 'Share the Warmth' fundraiser gathered clothing items, transit tickets, and gift cards throughout the entire month of November to help supply people in need. 

On Monday (Dec. 5) afternoon, volunteers came together to show off the support the community gave to them. In total, the fundraiser brought in the following: 

  • 120 pairs of mitts/gloves

  • 70 Scarves/neck warmers

  • 254 Toques

  • 163 pairs of socks

  • 20 Sleeping bags/blankets

  • 25 articles of clothing

  • Miscellaneous toiletries, hand warmers, etc.

  • over $1000

Amber Grant, the community development coordinator for family community support services for the city of Fort Saskatchewan, says the donated items will be given to municipal enforcement, such as the RCMP, who will then distribute them to people who are in need. 

"Regardless of how it all goes down, it will be dispersed within our community," said Grant. "Any kind of extras we have will be filtered through Families First and other organizations that are able to provide it directly to the people who need it." 

Overall, it was a huge success, and Grant can't wait to see how it helps the community. 

"We couldn't be happier with seeing the number of people who were able to provide the gloves, mitts, toques, gift cards, and their time," said Grant. "We had a ton of interest for it being just a one-month period." 

"We will have more than we have imagined to give out for the winter."