Fort Saskatchewan has been selected for a new pilot project. 

ATCO is preparing to deliver a natural gas blend containing five percent hydrogen into a part of Fort Saskatchewan's natural gas distribution system. 

Starting in the fall, about 2,000 customers will become the first in the province to use hydrogen-blended natural gas to fuel homes and businesses.  

Hydrogen project zoneThe project zone for ATCO's Fort Saskatchewan Hydrogen Blending Project.

As combusting hydrogen only emits water, the project will help reduce the current system's greenhouse gas intensity. The project was awarded $2.8-million through Emissions Reduction Alberta's (ERA) Natural Gas Challenge. 

According to ATCO, the hydrogen needed for the project will be produced through electrolysis at their nearby Gate 5 facility. 

Appliance and gas piping inspections have also begun for all homes and businesses within the area to ensure they are in proper working order. 

Customers in the project zone will not be billed differently from customers outside the zone.