A couple from Fort Saskatchewan had an unexpected New Year's Day delivery. 

Zoë and Kyle Capuli welcomed a set of twins into the world on January 1, making them one of the first of 2023. 

According to Zoë, they had known about the twins for most of the pregnancy, but the fact that they came so quickly was very unexpected. 

"They were actually supposed to come at the end of March," said Zoë. "They're micro-preemies, they were 12 weeks early." 

"It was pretty surprising; we had no idea [they would come so quick]."

The family welcomed a boy and a girl at the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Edmonton. 

Claire Catherine Schmidt Capuli came first at 6:49 p.m. weighing in a 2lbs 2 ounces. 

Bodhi Kyle Schmidt Capuli came soon after at 6:51 p.m. with a weight of 2lbs and 4 ounces. 

Due to both of them being premature, they were both immediately hooked up to the proper medical instruments to help them along. 

Other than that, it appears both have arrived into the world without problem. 

"They are doing very, very well, we are very lucky!" 

Usually, Alberta Health Services (AHS) would keep track of the first babies born during any given year, but, due to extremely busy conditions at most delivery units right now, they haven't kept track this year. 

"AHS and Covenant Health are not identifying or announcing the New Year’s babies this year as our labour and delivery teams are extremely busy - priority must be given to patient care," said Kristi Bland with AHS. " We do congratulate all families on their new additions and hope to resume the practice in 2024."

A huge congratulations to the Capuli family!