The New Year brings forth moments of epiphany and change, whether it's a personal project or a journey towards better health.

The Dow Centennial Center (DCC) in Fort Saskatchewan has seen an influx of memberships for the start of the New Year.

"The New Year brings on many new goals for folks, and that is no different this year," said Vikki Delorey with The City of Fort Saskatchewan. "We have seen lots of new faces so far this year."

However, many who start going to the gym as a New Year's resolution seem to fall off the routine as time goes on.

"We do our best to be consistent, but life happens, plans change, the weather gets nicer, and people get busy."

Ways to help succeed in your fitness journey include signing up for classes or even getting a personal trainer.

"It comes down to affordability for people, and sometimes that doesn’t always work for everyone. That’s where our class comes into play," Delorey said.

Some of the classes they offer at the DCC are yoga, Zumba, and even physical literacy bingo.

"Come out and try, that’s the best way to succeed!"