Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County firefighters had to rescue a stranded man on the North Saskatchewan River.

Crews arrived at West River’s Edge area after 4 p.m. on Thursday (June 9) to save a man who swam to a nearby island after his dinghy had flipped in the water. 

"Crews were already on a fire call and we had an additional call for some people that saw a boater stranded on the river," said Nolan Jespersen, the assistant fire chief for the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

"We had him off the river within about 40 minutes from the initial call being received."

No injuries were reported and the dinghy was recovered.

The cause of the incident has not been determined but Jespersen said it may have to do with fluctuating water levels. 

"There has been an increase of run off so it has caused the river levels to rise substantially."

Local firefighters are reminding everyone to always have a properly fitted lifejacket, plan your route, know your vessel's capabilities and don’t drink and boat.