The Fort Saskatchewan fire chief has offered more details on how the fire department responded to last weekend's fire in Woodsmere Close. 

Todd Martens, who has been serving as chief in the community since last year, addressed some online speculation that only two firefighters initially responded to the blaze. 

The city released a statement that the total crew that fought the fire consisted of seven Fort Saskatchewan firefighters and four Strathcona County firefighters. 

"Initially we had four [firefighters] respond to this fire," said Martens. "What people don't see is sometimes we drop people off at the hydrant or there are others doing tasks around the building." 

"That's why maybe you would only see two of our firefighters initially fighting the fire." 

The local firefighters were then backed up later on to assist. 

"We also had three [firefighters] show up on our ladder truck and then Strathcona County came in with their engine and supported us with four more [firefighters]." 

Martens also outlined what the current staff of the Fort Saskatchewan fire department currently looks like. 

"We have four full-time staff on 24 hours a day and three on the firetruck as well as an assistant fire chief." 

The department has completed its initial investigation into the fire. They are currently in the process of determining the cause.