Downtown Fort Saskatchewan is a bit cleaner than it used to be. 

That is thanks to a clean-up event that was hosted by the City of Fort Saskatchewan on Tuesday (May 9). 

City employees were joined by residents and volunteers from Dow Canada and Voshell Architecture to help clean up litter in the downtown core. 

"We got a really good showing," said councillor Lisa Makin. "I would say there were 30 to 40 people there." 

"It was really awesome to see." 

The group was out for a few hours picking up litter, which ended in some pretty impressive results. 

"Dow was weighing a lot of the garbage and I think that we had about 250lbs weighed but there was probably a dozen more bags that still needed to be picked up," said Makin.

"I would say we were probably inching closer to 400lbs which is such a good number for us to get off the streets and make downtown more beautiful." 

This is one of the steps the city is taking to revitalize the city's downtown area and encourage residents to frequent the area more often. 

"I would say that downtown has been long known as the heart of our community," said Makin. "When we can bring people back down there and get people walking around and interested back in these areas it's a win-win for the city." 

Makin was also happy to see such great local support for the event. 

"It's really awesome when the city puts on these events, and we get this kind of turnout. It really goes to show you what a great community that  we live in and how easy it is to bring people together."