Fort Saskatchewan Senior High School has all sorts of sports teams. Whether it's Basketball, Volleyball, or Football, they have it all.

Now they've gotten themselves into the E-Sports scene.

The team, simply called Sting ESports, was formed at the beginning of the school year by students in Fort High's leadership class.

The team had their first competition on Tuesday (Jan. 17) against Marion M. Graham Collegiate in Saskatoon.

The two schools played the popular first-person-shooter game, Overwatch 2 against each other, with the Fort High Sting coming out on top. 

"We just held the point, and secured the point when we were on offence," said Kyle Brown, one of the team's founders.

Apart from Overwatch,  Sting ESports also plays League of Legends and Rocket League.

"There's a lot to consider, it's all just how they work around school rules," Brown said. "We have to keep it in the 'E for Everyone' range."

Brown also talked about the importance of playing as a team during these events.

"Finding the synergy with your friends and teammates, how you can work with each other, and for someone to have good leadership skills."

The Sting ESports team is hoping to compete in more competitions and tournaments before as the year goes on.