The Fort Heritage Precinct has a new exhibit for people to check out. 

The Precinct has joined together with the Fort Black Society to put on an exhibit that celebrates Black History Month called 'Experience Africa'.

"This exhibit started with an idea to reach out to more members of the community that aren't really represented by the museum," said Kyle Bjornson, the curator at the Fort Heritage Precinct. 

"The community keeps growing so we want to make sure more voices are represented here." 

The precinct has been working with local cultural groups over the past few years to help foster more relationships with some of the underrepresented groups in Fort Saskatchewan. 

This exhibit is the first of its kind for the precinct, having worked closely with the Fort Black Society to make it happen. 

"They decided to focus on a bit about their organization, how they came to be, and what they do in the community," said Bjornson. "They also wanted to talk a little bit about Africa, the diversity of Africa, and the growing population of Black people in Fort Saskatchewan that are of African descent." 

"They focused on their three pillars: education, support, and volunteerism." 

The exhibit features many interesting items, some of which are still en route. 

From wood carvings and ceramics to musical items and traditional clothing, visitors will be able to learn a lot about the different cultures that call the African continent home. 

The exhibit will be available for visitors to check out until early April.