The Fort Falcons football team is doing their best to help one of the families affected by Sunday's (Oct. 16) fire in Woodsmere Close. 

The team went to work quickly, organizing a fundraiser later that day at Taurus Field. 

The Falcons have a personal connection to this tragedy, as the family they were helping had kids that played on the team. 

Head coach Chris Malo was devastated to hear the news. 

"We woke up to that news and they are one of our close families," said Malo. "Our immediate response by everyone was to try to rally together and see what we could do to help the family." 

The Woods family, which includes Rikki and her three boys, were able to escape the fire safe and sound, but not without losing almost all their belongings. 

Among the items lost was all the football equipment the boys had. 

"They escaped with what they had on," said Malo. "We pulled together a [donation] drive and collection at [Taurus] Field. Our novice and atoms were playing so it was a good location to rally around." 

Malo hopes that by coming together as a community that the Woods family can move forward and move past the tragedy of losing a home. 

"We talk all the time about how football is family," said Malo. "Our whole league, even rival teams, came to help and that means everything." 

"Football is family and we are there for you." 

While it might seem like the Falcons' focus is on just one family, Malo wants everyone to know that they are thinking about all the families affected by the fire. 

"We know in Fort Saskatchewan that there are a number of families affected by the same incident and we want to support those families as well," said Malo. "Once we get through sorting all this, we will what we can as members of our community to help out with all the families." 

"We love Fort Saskatchewan and when we need it, everyone rallies around each other."

The Falcons say that they are most in need of gift cards and cash donations. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the Woods family and has already raised over $3,500.