Those taking in a game, concert, or other events at Rogers Place will be pleased to know their whisky-based beverage was distilled in the local community. 

The Fort Distillery’s Mountain Pass Whisky is now the exclusive well whisky of the entertainment venue. Also available at Rogers Place will be the best-selling ready-to-drink cocktails, Tumbler & Rocks. 

It was a five-month process from sending samples to selection, according to CEO Nathan Flim. When Mountain Pass was introduced earlier this year, Flim said they wanted to do something grand along with its unveiling. 

“[We thought] what’s the biggest venue we can go after? Right away, our minds went to Rogers Place, and we brought some samples,” said Flim. 

“It went up the chain all the way to the director of sponsorship and stuff like that, and they loved the product and thought it would be a really good fit.” 

The Fort Distillery replaces Crown Royal as the barrel whisky for Rogers Place. Additionally, two bars fully-branded for Mountain Pass Whisky will offer speciality cocktails, including the “Mountain Mule” and a whisky sour featuring the local spirit.  

Fans can also find Tumbler & Rocks’ Cosmo throughout Rogers Place. Keeping a full inventory at all times will be critical, Flim explained, as Fort Distillery grows to support one of Western Canada’s liquor licensees. 

“[It’s] a real validation of what we’ve been doing here at the Distillery, and it’s really cool that we started out pretty much just selling here in Fort Sask, right? People coming to our cocktail lounge and supporting us – and now we’ve been able to grow to a point where we’re doing big deals like this. 

Since opening in 2018, the Fort Distillery has grown across Canada and the USA and continues to expand.  

“We never would have got here without that initial support from Fort Sask, and we’re really grateful for that.” 

The Fort Distillery and Oilers Entertainment Group have a three-year contract.