There has been a change in management at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre (FSCC) following a workplace bullying and harassment survey.

The survey results were released in the spring and alleged that a majority of the staff at the correctional centre are subject to regular management bullying which has damaged their mental and physical health. The results went on to show most staff are not comfortable speaking with management about working conditions, even fearing retribution for doing so, and wanted a review of the worksite.

An email shared with MIX 107 by a staff member of the FSCC (who is remaining anonymous) stated the centre's former director, Shauna Prior, was fired and their deputy director of security Cameron Phillips was "walked off property." The email went on to explain an interim director is being appointed until a competition can be held to fill the position permanently.

"The survey and newspapers showed that this is a toxic workplace and isn't getting better but trying. [There is] still far to go but [it is] important that people know harassment and bullying is not acceptable in [the] workplace by management and others still need to go," the staff member said.

They added an investigation was held over the summer. Staff were able to give their complaints to the investigators while information on the work environment was being gathered.

A separate email regarding the investigation showed there were a few recurring themes identified after getting input by staff, including concerns about branch policies, those in management positions, training options, the night shift schedule and the centre's current issues and conflict resolution process.

According to the investigators, over 70 FSCC employees voluntarily reached out to share their experiences, issues and ideas about the work environment during their investigation.