Landrex came to Fort Saskatchewan City Council recently to redistrict land for their Windsor Pointe development.
The developer has plans for a low-density subdivision on the west-end of Wilshire Boulevard that includes extending Westpark Drive, completing the road.
"We have to meet our density targets and every piece of land has to be utilized," explained mayor Gale Katchur. "We have a very short amount of land left for development so we have to make sure we're making good use of all of it."
The land is currently zoned as urban reserve, meaning it has been already identified for future development. Bylaw C1-17, the result of Landrex's presentation, would see the land rezoned as R3 - small lot residential and RC - comprehensively planned district, accommodating single detached, semi detached, duplex and townhouse-style homes.
"The developer has a requirement to meet 25 units per hectare and it's about bringing in diversity of product," commented Katchur. "We have discussed this in the past whether we support back alleys or not, there has been a lot of changes made over the last number of years as to sizes and everything, hopefully we are meeting better quality of standards."
The subdivision proposal includes a mix of rear-lane and front attached garages. At full build-out, Windsor Pointe will cover just over 25 hectares with 1,455 people calling the community home.
As the subdivision is on the border with Strathcona County, the city has been working with them to ensure all concerns are addressed. A section of Township Road 543 will be upgraded and detailed engineering plans will be sent for the County's feedback.
Mayor Katchur anticipates phase one, a very small section of the community on the south end of the development, will begin shortly after spring thaw.