A Sherwood Park native and former Fort Saskatchewan FedEx driver has brought some movie magic back to his hometown.

Marcus Rosner has been acting and producing made-for-TV romance films for the last decade. In his newest project, he wanted to film a movie where he grew up.

The film, From Italy with Amore, features several spots in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, including the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market, the Muttart Conservatory, and a restaurant called Vicky's Bistro.

"I've been in so many of these films now that it's hard to get excited," Rosner said. "I was way more excited to see Vicky's Bistro in my movie than I was excited to see myself."

Growing up in Sherwood Park, Rosner said that he never expected to make a living out of acting.

"I knew more professional hockey players than people in the entertainment industry,"

While attending film school, he was working a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet.

"I was roofing, doing construction, I delivered on a FedEx truck for a while. I actually started the Fort Saskatchewan route."

The film was shot throughout October 2021 and was released on January 29 on CityTV.

"I think everybody I know from out of town has watched it or reached out to me."

The film follows a magazine writer who goes to an Italian restaurant searching for the man of her dreams and falls in love with a restauranteur, played by Rosner.

You can check out the trailer for the movie here: