People came in droves to support a local business.

The Venue by Ken's Catering was struggling to get by over the last few weeks after their merchant, Clover Canada, started withholding their credit and debit deposits.

Owner Kelsey Dalida told MIX 107 that when she spoke to the company, she was informed the payments were on a security hold since some of their larger payments were flagged. She said she tried to explain to them that they are a catering company as well as a restaurant, so it shouldn't be uncommon to have some bigger days, but was unable to get anyone to release the payments.

The Fort Saskatchewan restaurant put a post up on Facebook Thursday evening (Apr. 21), asking for the community's help. The owners were hoping people would consider getting food from the restaurant and paying with cash or e-transfer since the business was sinking without their day-to-day funds.

"I had no other options, honestly. Just putting yourself out there into the community, it was hard to do," Dalida said. "I know that if I ask for help, it's going to come. Our community has always been so supportive."

The post got hundreds of shares with many people voicing their support for the business. Over the next four days, Dalida said the restaurant was packed. She went as far as opening the doors early over the weekend.

"We had record-breaking sales on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday," said Dalida. 

Dalida tried to personally thank everyone that came in to help -- the response she kept hearing was "you called, we came."

"Thank you will never be enough. It's not a strong enough word but honestly, our community, the city of Fort Saskatchewan, they saved us and we will be forever grateful."

Dalida said Clover Canada finally released the payments Monday evening. She attributes a lot of that to the pressure many people put on them after hearing The Venue's story.

While Dalida is frustrated with how the situation was handled, she said she hopes other businesses will see this as a sign to always keep pushing and never give up. They plan to show their thanks to Fort Saskatchewan by continuing to give back through their programs like Feed the Fort.