The Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank (FSFB) has a fresh new face to go with a fresh new facility.  

They’re rebranding with a new visual identity, website, and promise to the people of Fort Saskatchewan.  

“[We thought] about the role that a food bank plays in a community and how much more we can do to truly support our community as a whole – transitioning away from only being an emergency food support to that of being a Community Nourishment Centre,” said FSFB executive director Kassandra Gartner. 

Their new strategy aims to provide “ComeFort Food” to all people in the community needing a helping hand.   

“Because of the new building, we have the space to grow into being a hub for the community.” 

The organization says the eventual opening of a Community Nourishment Centre would offer Fort Saskatchewan space, educational resources, and community-wide personal and professional advancement opportunities.

It would also provide opportunities for food-based learning, corporate team-building retreats and events, seminars, workshops and off-campus learning for young adults and partnerships with other non-profit.  

Gartner hopes the rebranding strategy will help communicate the food banks' vision to the community. 

"We recognise that food banks don't exist to cure hunger, but we strive to provide healthy food with compassion and comfort to people in times of need.  We aim to be that resource that people turn to when they are struggling.” 

The food bank is currently in urgent need of several items, a list can be found here.