Unexpected flooding shut down portions of a Fort Saskatchewan school.

On Wednesday (Apr. 19) morning, a sprinkler began to rain down on a classroom, quickly creating a puddle that spread out into the hallway.

"Fortunately, there weren't any students in the classroom, so nobody got wet," said Ken Marshman, facilities foreman at the school. "Minimal damage in that regard."

Marshman added that they had to evacuate several classrooms from the area.

"Eventually they had to send a portion of the students home for the day," stated Marshman. "There were some other areas of the school that were unaffected that just kept operating as normal."

Although some kids got to take a half day off school due to the flood, all classes resumed the following day.

"At this point, we just have a restoration group out there drying everything out and making sure there's not going to be any issues with moisture."

The cause of the flood was determined to be a malfunction in the sprinkler which caused it to go off randomly. The sprinkler has since been replaced.