The flags outside city hall are at half-mast for National Indigenous Veterans Day (Nov. 8).

The half-mast flags are to honour the contributions of Indigenous people to the military, specifically in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War.

Thousands of Indigenous people fought for Canada during all these wars. 

The day was commemorated in 1994, before then Indigenous veterans were not recognized in Remembrance Day activities. 

Fort Saskatchewan's Henry Norwest was a Metis veteran who served in the First World War. He conquered a significant portion of Vimy Ridge, which earned him the Military Medal. 

Three months before the war ended, he was killed in France by a German sniper. To this day he is recognized as one of the most famous snipers in the history of the Canadian military. 

Soldiers like Norwest are honoured today for their resilience, courage, and willingness to fight for a country that didn't officially recognize their efforts.