With the temperatures warming up, there's plenty of time for fun in the snow before the end of winter break.

Here are five free family activities you can do in Fort Saskatchewan before the kids have to go back to class. 

1. Ice Skating

Fort Saskatchewan has a ton of skating rinks. 

For those who aren't into shinny or hockey, the Fort also has a skating loop at West River's Edge which features plenty of paths for people to have a leisurely skate on or learn how to skate. 

You can see a list of all the skating rinks in Fort Saskatchewan, here. 

2. Building a snowman

With just some snow and a few items around the house, you can have a snowy friend in your own yard.

The beauty of snowmen is there's no one way to make them - kids can have a blast deciding how tall, how wide, and what kind of decorations their snowman can have.

With recent snow showers, you should have no problem whatsoever taking part in this holiday classic. 

3. Toboggan Hills

With five designated toboggan hills in Fort Saskatchewan, there's a great variety of sizes and steepness. 

Whether you're on a GT Snow Racer, a crazy carpet, or even a garbage bag, you have the means to ride down some hills.

From the tall and fast Turner Park Campground hill to the smaller, friendlier hill at Westpark Drive, there's a little bit for everybody.

You can see where the other toboggan hills in Fort are here.

4. Cross-Country Skiing

Want a way to get in a good workout that is also a whole ton of fun? Check out some of the many cross-country ski trails that the city has to offer. 

The Oxbow trail, Wetlands trail, and Chabot Park trail all run beside the North Saskatchewan River in what is sure to give some awesome winter views. 

More info can be seen on the Fort Saskatchewan Nordic Ski Club website here

5. Ice fishing

Yes, Fort Saskatchewan even has ice fishing.

At the West River's Edge skating loop, there are certain areas for people to ice fish without having to leave the city.

It's a great way for people who have never tried before to get some practice.