Five women from Fort Saskatchewan were awarded the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal for their outstanding service and citizenship.

Hosted by The Fort Saskatchewan Multicultural Association (FSMA) at St. Georges Anglican Church, the awards were presented by the association's founder, Lana Santana. 

"As you treat another, so, in truth, you treat yourself," Santana said during the ceremony.

These were the five women who were presented with the awards:

Ann Marie Charbonneau 

Charbonneau has been advocating for the empowerment of women & youth in the community, volunteering with the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank and serving as treasurer of the Community Garden Committee. She's also been a large driving force toward building the FSMA's women's group.

Sadly, she was not able to attend the ceremony, and the award was accepted on her behalf.

Aurea Quinzon 

Quinzon works with the Kids Cancer Society to raise awareness and funds for the research and care of children with cancer. She is also known to lend a willing ear to newcomers, people in need, and those who just need someone to talk to. 

"Aurea is an angel on Earth," Santana said before presenting Quinzon with the award.

Carole Bossert

Bossert is the co-founder of the Seniors and Youth Networking Community (SYNC). Recently, she's received requests from a school from Atlantic Canada on starting a similar program.

The SYNC program teaches children life skills and builds intergenerational relationships with seniors in Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park.

Jacquie Fenske

Fenske is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who funds many projects with a dedication to building a vibrant community. She supports social causes, local businesses, and travels throughout the province talking with aspiring business owners. 

Lila Phillips

Phillips has dedicated her life to helping out the people of Fort Saskatchewan. Lila has helped out with everything, from hockey teams to fairs and festivals. She even lobbies towards getting hospice beds in the Fort.

Our community wouldn't be the same without these ladies. Being nominated by the community, the Platinum Jubilee Medal shows how closely Fort Saskatchewan holds them to its heart.