From cosplay to board games, Fort Fan Fest was a celebration of nerd-dom.

Last weekend, the Dow Centennial Centre hosted the fest at the Nutrien Soccer Field, which has been fitted to host vendors, Q&A panels, and even a bounce house for the kids.

Amanda Hoof, director of Fort Fan Fest, said that the festival was in the works for over a year.

"I go to comic conventions all the time, I love the atmosphere and the people there," said Hoof. "I wished there was something closer to home for the little ones because a lot of parents don't want to drive their kids into Edmonton for comic con."

"I figured this would be a little bit more accessible for everyone and give us something to do that's different from what's happening around town."

As vendors showed and sold their goods to patrons, the stage featured several panels from local cosplayers who talked about cosplay on a budget and photo posing guidance.

Hoof added that the festival appealed a lot to local kids.

"There's been a lot of teenagers. It's been really nice to give them something to do and foster their creativity."

With this year's fest's success, Hoof hopes they can bring the event back in 2024.