A blaze in Bon Accord caused trouble for local firefighters.
Around 10:50 p.m. on Tuesday (Jan.14), the Bon Accord, Gibbons and Sturgeon County fire departments were dispatched to a structure fire at the Bon Accord Rednexs Liquor Store and Honey's Bbq.
Upon arrival, the smoke appeared to be coming from the roof. Crews attacked the second floor, working diligently for over an hour.
"It was a difficult fire because it got up into the attic. Given the weather and the conditions, equipment was freezing," explained Sturgeon County fire chief Pat Mahoney.
The fire broke through the roof and compromised the building, forcing firefighters to evacuate. They prevented the flames from spreading and the last fire truck left around 8:15 a.m. the next morning.
"Some of the exterior walls are still standing, but the rafters and roof were fully consumed and then they collapsed inside the building which caused severe damage to the interior of the building. I would deem the building a write-off," said Mahoney.
One of the building's owners lived above the liquor store and her home was destroyed. No one was inside when the fire occurred.
"It made our job very difficult but we had a very good effort by all the folks that were there, they worked very hard."
No firefighters were injured, however many struggled with the cold as the temperature was around -40 C.
This wasn't the only fire some of the crew had to deal with this week. Many were called to a house fire west of Morinville on Monday, which was also deemed a total loss. No one was injured in that fire either.
"It's been a difficult week," Mahoney added. "Our crews could really use a break."
The cause of both fires is still under investigation, but neither have been deemed suspicious.