Emergency services were called to a fire at a Fort Saskatchewan restaurant.

On Sunday (Dec. 26) at around 11:30 a.m., the Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department received a call from Boston Pizza. Initially, crews were unsure what they were going to be dealing with, so they called Strathcona County's fire department in for aid.

According to fire chief Kam Kelly, the fire started in the kitchen and the cause is still under investigation. 

"The staff all did a great job and evacuated, and the fire was contained to a very small area," said Kelly.

The fire department was able to control the fire within a few minutes using one of their handheld extinguishers. Since it was out so quickly, the damage was limited.

"I think it was a good response on a stat holiday and we had some good turn out from our off duty staffing," said Kelly. "We stood down Strathcona when we arrived on scene and said that it wasn't anything major. But we appreciated their response."

He added it was very cold during the incident, so they were thankful they were able to put out the fire quickly. Longer responses in weather like that can create issues with equipment and the health of the firefighters.

The restaurant had to close for a period of time to clean up but has since reopened.