A family has been shattered after the loss of their daughter, mother, and sister.

Kasandra (Kassy) Nagel was well on her way to leading a successful life; her business was taking off, she was just shy of her 30th birthday and had recently moved to Gibbons with her eight-year-old son, Harley.


She was a dog trainer by trade, forming the company K9 Modifications, which specialized in working with dogs with aggression issues.


"[It] was pretty funny, because she's a super tiny little lady, like 90 pounds dripping wet, and she'd take on dogs over twice her weight, and they would just listen to her every command," said Nicola Nagel, Kassy's mother. "She had such a way with people and animals."


Family members described Kassy as intelligent, passionate about poetry, and loved helping people out of challenging situations.


On the morning of Nov. 6, Kassy dropped Harley off at a babysitter's house and left on her bike to meet a new client. Just before 10 a.m., Kassy was struck by a semi-truck on Highway 28 and Range Road 233. She was rushed to the hospital but later passed away from her injuries.


Nicola and Kassy's sister, Kelsey, are devastated by the incident. Nicola said the hardest part was explaining what had happened to eight-year-old Harley.


"When he looked at me, he just burst into tears when we told him. He was just like, 'I don't have a mommy anymore?' I'll never forget those words as long as I live."


Looking for info


The Nagel's are now looking for answers as to what happened that morning as they believe the explanation police gave them didn't add up.

"[The officer] said 'all that police report is going to tell you is that she tried to race an SUV across the highway," Nicola explained.


"It just doesn't make sense. Nobody in their right mind would do that, and my daughter was a very intelligent young lady."


When she asked for a copy of the police report to look over, she was told they could be waiting for quite some time. The officer explained that before COVID-19, it was a 60-day wait to obtain a police report; since COVID, it takes up to two years to get one.


The family hopes to gather more information about the incident and speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incident. A GoFundMe has also been started to help Harley and can be found here.